Your information is private and is kept confidential in accordance with Counselling professional ethical standards and NZAC guidelines. When we first meet I will ask for your personal details including your full name, email address and phone number. This information will be stored securely and only used for the purposes of contacting you regarding counselling and payment and will not be shared with any other party.

During our sessions together I will make notes on paper about your personal therapy. These are for my own use to assist me with your therapy and are kept separately from your contact details. I will only share this information if you give your consent and only with a qualified professional therapist to whom your have asked me to refer you.

There are some situations where I may talk about our sessions together with someone else, these are:

– in exceptional circumstances. If I feel that you or another person is in serious and immediate danger I am obliged to break confidentiality in order to ensure you or another person is safe. I would only reveal the minimum information required in this situation. If possible I would let you know about any steps that I felt were necessary to take before I did anything.

– sessions with my supervisor where I discuss all my work. I do not use full names or give unnecessary personal details. My supervisor is bound my our own confidentiality agreement.

Your information will be securely stored in hard copy in a locked cabinet in my office. Your data will be kept for 7 years from the date that we complete our work together.

If you contact me by email or text, unfortunately I cannot guarantee that any information you send me is completely secure. This also applies to the contact form on this website, which sends your message to me via email. All emails are kept in the logs of the internet service providers. Emails are susceptible to hacking, viruses, unintended forwarding or replication. I recommend that you only contact me via email for initial or routine enquiries, such as appointment times. If you do share confidential information by email I will treat it with confidentiality as I would with any other form of comunnication.


When you make a booking we will send you an invoice for the session booked. Please deposit the funds into the account number provided before your session. If you need to discuss making a different payment arrangement please feel free to contact us. We do accept payments from Winz and other agencies, please let us know before your session if payment is being made by an agency or company (such as an employer) so that we can organise payment with them.